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Turnover Process

Turnover is a process wherein DMCI Homes physically delivers the unit to the buyer. Upon the release of our Documentation Group of your unit’s clearance for turnover, a coordinator from the Turnover Group will call or email you to confirm the dressing up of your unit and to inform you of the tentative turnover schedule along with the turnover fees, which you would have to settle upon acceptance of the unit. A confirmation from you is required to start the unit dress-up.

On the date of your unit’s turnover, you will be asked to inspect your unit and sign the Acceptance Document that states that the unit is acceptable to you. If there will be requests to rectify some items, these will be noted in the punchlist form and shall be endorsed by the Turnover Group to the Construction Group for proper action. The final turnover will be rescheduled until further notice depending on the quantity or scope of rectification works.

Once you are satisfied with your unit’s condition, the unit will be immediately turned over. You will be asked to sign a Certificate of Acceptance, complete Meralco application documents and settle the Turnover Fees, which covers the following:

Meralco Service Deposit

Power Bill Deposit

Water Bill Deposit

One-time joining fee for Condominium Corporation

Monthly Association Dues: Prorated for the current month and two (2) months advance

Other special assessments

You will be introduced to the Property Management Office (PMO) for briefing and orientation regarding condominium policies, rules, and regulations. You shall be given a Homeowner’s Manual and the complete set of keys for your unit.
If the Principal Buyer is not available on the scheduled turnover of unit, an Authorized Representative may accept the unit on his/her behalf provided the following must be presented:

Special Power of Attorney (SPA)

Two (2) Valid IDs of the Authorized Representative

Photocopy of one (1) Valid ID of the Principal Buyer

If you fail to inspect and accept your unit within thirty (30) days from the date of the written notice from the Turnover Department, it will be deemed that you have legally accepted the unit. Charging of Association Dues shall automatically commence from the day that your unit has been accepted or deemed accepted.

Turnover Procedure

Parking Rules

House Rules

General Reminders

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